Adepticon, North Star, and Other Going’s On

Posted: November 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

Got a few updates on events and such. North Star was AWESOME — I had a great time. True, I lost every game (bummer), but I really did have a great time at my first Warhammer Fantasy Battles Tournament. Check out details at Road to North Star and North Star Warhamer Terrain on my 40k Terrain site.

Also, I registered for Adepticon today. If you’re interested, better do it quick! Events are selling out — and there’s still 139 days till the 1st of April. Check out what I’m doing on 40k Terrain.

Upcoming projects? Plenty. I’m working on my Imperial Guard command posts; I’m writing a tutorial on how to create a plane friendly display board for your armies; I bought Island of Blood and have started assembling the models; and I’ve started work on my son’s Orc 40k army. All of which means lots to do and lots to write about as we drift towards the Holidays.


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